• Grossi Dance & Performing Arts Academy - 55 years of dance instruction in the Hartford area

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 Performance Season! This is our 55th year and we have a dynamic dance and performance season planned for you with a variety of classes in all ages groups to motivate both students and staff to appreciate older and traditional dance styles while exploring new ideas and concepts, to run with the rhythms…connect to the current crazes…believe in the ballads… leap with the lyrics… let the music sing within…find the extraordinary in the ordinary everyday moments and cherish our times together as we celebrate diverse styles of dance through the past 55 years! Our over-arching goals for the students this season is to be the ray of inspiration that respects and appreciates the masters who have created in the past; takes them out of their everyday patterns; design new directions and destinations; let the creative and performing arts enlarge their sense of self and global awareness; enhance their learning experience by implementing character traits and encourage mindfulness of the strength of their artistry.

    Our staff believes that within each student is the potential for great things-and our mission is to help them find their special greatness from the minute they walk into the studios to the last bow of the finale, and to celebrate the process and growth along the way! Each month we will introduce and revisit important character traits- by explaining, exhibiting, expecting, and encouraging respect- for others and ourselves; responsibility- accountability in word and action; confidence- belief in ourselves; determination-the effort to overcome challenges; courage- strength in place of fear; kindness- to be considerate and sympathetic; dedication- to each other and to our mission; enthusiasm- energy to ignite success; dependability- reliability and trustfulness and gratitude-appreciation of our own and others growth and accomplishments.

    The GDPAA website will have information covering the season including scheduled classes, calendar, policy and procedure, class attire and special events. We invite you to ‘like’ us on FacebookInstagram and TikTok and share with your family and friends as well. As always, if you have any questions or need more information, you can call the office: 860.872.1498 or email us at info@grossidance.com.

  • Grossi Dance & Performing Arts Academy - 55 years of dance instruction in the Hartford area

    We request that you look for communications for the season as posted in the studio (for dancers), on the website and on Facebook and Instagram as the year progresses. Tuition and payment information is listed on the GDPAA registrant page and classes resume Monday, September 18th, 2023. You will be receiving information about your participation in our annual Showcase held in June by February 2024.

    We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding any of our policies or procedures at any time. Please note that the waiting rooms are made available for the convenience and safety of our students only this season except for the pre-school classes. We ask that families and students remain aware of mask policies and continue to use hand sanitizers before and after class.

    Please note-only water or tightly covered drinks and dry non-Peanut snacks can be allowed. Students: remember to arrive at the studio dressed for class with adequate time to prepare for class; parking, hand sanitizing, storage of outside shoes and clothing, etc. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD - Parents & sponsors: for your children’s safety, please be available in the parking lot or hallway during class time. Staff will escort students 10 years and under to the exit at the west door when dismissed from class. Please call whenever delayed for class start time or pickup, or in advance of an absence from class so staff can plan accordingly. Classes will be available on Zoom as needed.

    If any parent/student wishes a private conference concerning individual dance goals or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. We are happy to work with you to ensure that your dance and performance year will be one of pleasure and growth. The entire faculty and GDPAA staff wish you a fabulous performing arts season!