• Grossi Dance & Performing Arts Academy - 50 years of dance instruction in the Hartford area

    Grossi Dance & Performing Arts Academy (GD&PAA) has been the Hartford area's premiere dance studio for the past 54 years.

    Proper dance and performing arts training is beneficial in so many ways. Thorough technique promotes good posture and coordination, muscle strength and flexibility. Good training promotes musical appreciation and artistic and creative expression as students learn to channel their energy constructively.

    Dance and theater arts training encourages poise, style and polish, giving a healthy respect for one's body and mind. Discipline learned in the dance and theater classes can be applied to life and school work as students learn to be better organized and gain responsibility and admiration for themselves and for the others in class.

    Classes are held in a wide array of dance genre and performing arts programs. Two fully appointed dance studios with specialized dance flooring Dancers and Company Performers and are involved in community outreach and service, enrichment activities, special appearances, collaborative and...


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