November 10, 2015
  • Master Hip Hop Teacher, Jon Merced asks GD&PAA Prep Company dancers to demonstrate a combination at the NADAA convention in Springfield, MA on Nov. 8, 2015: from left to right: Jillian Venzie, Madison Oberly, Kailey Migneault and Ryan Brass

  • Some of the members of our youngest company, the preps, danced at NADAA yesterday in Springfield, MA on Nov. 8, 2015 with master teacher Jon Merced in a hip hop class. Very cool job for their first time at NADAA! Dancers are: Jillian Venzie, Kailey Migneault, Madison Oberly and Ryan Brass!

  • (LEFT) Ryan Brass, and Jillian Venzie (Madison Oberly in back) holding up fellow Prep dancer, Kailey Migneault after a day-long of dancing at NADAA in Springfield, MA. Nov. 8, 2015; (CENTER) Student Assistants & Junior Company member: Michaela Irwin, Emma Blanchet, McKenna Lerch and Livi LaRosa rest after a full day of dance workshops at NADAA in Springfield, Ma; (RIGHT) Ms. Linda with members of the Prep, Apprentice, Junior and Senior Company after awards at NADAA in Springfield, MA. Dancers are; Courtney Witham, Ciera LaBranche, Michaela Irwin, Emma Blanchet, McKenna Lerch, Livi LaRosa, Madison Oberly, Ryan Brass, Kailey Migneault, Jillian Venzie.

  • (LEFT) Members of the Preps Company are dancers, Ryan Brass, Madison Oberly, Jillian Venzie & Kailey Migneault; (CENTER) Prep girls: Madison Oberly, Jillian Venzie and Kailey Migneault; (RIGHT) having fun at NADAA: Kailey Migneault being held by Madison Oberly, Ryan Brass and Jillian Venzie

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