May 3, 2017
  • 2017 GD&PAA Showcase Dress Rehearsal Information

    Final week of regular classes: at the studio is June 5th-June 8th

    Schedule: for rehearsal times, and show order will be emailed and posted on the studio bulletin boards, in the Look Book and on the website by Mid-May.

    Tech and full Dress Rehearsal: Friday, June 9th- between 2:30 pm & 8:45 pm; Rockville High School, 70 Loveland Hill Rd., Vernon.

    Opening Act 1: 4:00 pm followed by Act I in show order

    Finale: will be placed between 6:15 & 6:30 pm at Dress Rehearsal; followed by Act II in show order 

    Time block schedule: is used for arrivals/dismissals for the rehearsal, depending on where your number lies in the show. We attempt to stay on schedule, but please remember that we are using these rehearsals to work on transitions and placement, lighting and sound so that our show runs smoothly. Therefore, please plan for delays in dismissal times. 

    Costumes: Please wear your COMPLETE COSTUMES to the rehearsal. Hair should be up, and full stage make-up is required.

    Upon arrival for Dress Rehearsal: dancers should go to the auditorium or assigned dressing rooms to check-in/change (follow signs).

    Adult runners: will help you will line up in the hallway with your class and be ushered onto the stage. Please be there 15 minutes before your scheduled time, sit with your class, and be dressed and ready to dance.

    There is no food or drink allowed in the theater; please keep your water bottles in your dressing room, or have your snack and water in the lobby during dress rehearsal.

    Once your class number(s) have been rehearsed: you may leave. This is the only time students will be able to see the other dances. During the performances they remain in their dressing rooms.

    Dancers under age 6: if you need, you may take your child home after their number. While we like to have every dancer participate in the finale- we realize that naps and food are wonderful gifts to parents. Please return for the second performance on Showcase day as that is the show we film for DVD. If you are leaving or cannot return- please let the Dressing Room Managers: Crissy Goodin, Trish Reagan or the Office Manager: Diane Esposito, know in advance. Their email is on the GD&PAA list.

    Only one adult chaperone: may be in the auditorium during dress rehearsal. If you have studio business to attend to, GD&PAA staff will have a table set up in the lobby to help you.

    You may take photos and videos of your child during DRESS REHEARSAL ONLY. Cameras are distracting to the dancers during the performance, as well as to the audience. No flash can be used as it is dangerous to the dancers.

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