June 14, 2017
  • GD&PAA Performance Company Auditions

    Hello, dancers! 

    Auditions for the 2017-2018 GD&PAA Performance Companies will be held next Wednesday, June 21st in Studio A.

    Please see below or click here to download complete audition information. Links to audition sheet and bio forms can be found below.

    If you, or your dancer cannot attend auditions next week, you may still send an email of interest. Special classes may be held over the summer or late August to accommodate dancers interested in auditions who cannot make the June 21st date 

    Please email to reserve a spot for you or your dancer: info@grossidance.com

    Looking forward to a spectacular year ahead!

    Ms. Linda


    Auditions for all companies will be held in the studios on Wednesday, June 21st!

    PREPS: 5:00-6:00 pm
    APPRENTICES: 6:15-7:15
    JUNIORS/COMPANY: 7:15-8:30

    Please email: Ms. Linda at grossidanceacademy@gmail.com to reserve a spot. Include your name, age, cell number, parents’ email, and yours, and Company for which you plan to audition.

    Please wear: your GD&PAA attire (camisole or snug fitting GD&PAA t-shirt only) black dance shorts or pants, or leotard and dance skirt. Tights must be worn with shorts and leotards.

    Please have: your hair up and off your face and bring appropriate shoes: flat jazz (any color) and ballet or lyrical half soles. No jewelry other than tiny earrings- make-up is not necessary.

    Please bring: your Company Audition form and plenty of water.

    Please show: your GD&PAA spirit and your spectacular smile😊

    Schedule: Studios will be open at 4:30 for dancers’ self-stretch. Each class will have a short warm-up at the barre and a lyrical/ballet combo followed by jazz cross-floor exercise, turns, leaps, jumps and combination.

    Judges: will be from GD&PAA, UMASS and Montclaire State University. Dancers will be decided by based on technique, style, musicality, execution of exercises and combinations, stage presence and performance aptitude.

    Placements: performers will be notified of placements by email. Please make sure all email (student & parent) are clearly written on audition forms 😉

    Summer classes & Bootcamps: are July and August. Performance Companies members are encouraged to attend as we start with our showcase choreography for 2017-2018 the first week of classes!

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