December 24, 2021
  • Hello GD&PAA Dancers and Families,

    Thank you again for bringing your talent to CVC to share with their listeners! 

    The show is a great holiday edition for their channel that can be aired for years to come!  

    Below are the CVC air dates and times that the GD&PAA Holiday Showcase program will be broadcast on Comcast Public Access Channel 1070 and CVC’s website.

    GD&PAA Holiday Showcase Air Dates:

    December 3rd: 9:30pm
    December 5th: 5:00pm
    December 9th: 1:00pm
    December 14th: 2:30pm
    December 26th: 5:30pm
    December 30th: 8:00pm
    December 31st: 10:30am 

    Here is the link for the GD&PAA Holiday Showcase to view on YouTube in 4K; video can also be played below during one of the air times! 

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