April 24, 2023
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    Hello, GDPAA families: 

    We’d like to share more information about the upcoming showcases and answer some questions that have popped up regarding the format and why we made the decision to adjust the performances. 

    As we all know, Covid changed business models in a large way across the board and that includes dance schools such as ours.  The current trend many studios in our area now following is a multi-cast show similar to what we are trying this year. 

    Our showcase was getting close to a four-hour run-time. Because we pay RHS an hourly rate, and all rates have increased, running two shows is cost prohibitive.  We have a 12-hour day for dress rehearsal and a 15-hour showcase day. With rising costs, it’s not feasible to run the same show twice, the only other option was one longer showcase.

    We track ticket sales and compare year to year. Since COVID the trend has been that many families, especially with elderly or very young children are still not comfortable in large theaters and choose not to attend both shows. Typically, one parent or family member along with their guests will attend show one, the other will attend show two. 

    The staff is working diligently to ensure siblings are in the same show, with additional specialty pieces in each.  Both shows will have younger dancers, pre-teen and teens, Performance Company members and some pieces by GDT in all the genres of dance we offer at GDPAA. Once the program line up is complete and has been approved by the staff it will be sent to families and posted in the studios. 

    As always, we strive to present quality entertaining shows that honor the students, show respect for the value of money that our families spend for dance education and appreciation for our dance family. 

    Ms. Linda and Staff